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What to Know

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What does the rate include?
Manilow Suites’ rates include: maid service one day a week, electricity, local & long distance calls within the continental US, 55” & 42” TVs, expanded cable, WiFi, stereo system, King-size beds in master bedrooms and blackout drapes in select buildings. Paper products and bath soap are provided during the guests’ entire stay, as well as quality furniture and furnishings. If there is anything additional you need added or changed, all you have to do is call our office.

What is Manilow Suites all about?
For 34 years our goal has been to provide our guests with the greatest comfort and conveniences possible in temporary housing.

Some of our competitors have a tagline “Your home away from home.” I do not agree. This is not your home, it’s not your furniture, and it’s for a short-term stay.

If you are coming to Chicago for a project or a new position, while acclimating to your new job and finding a new home, you don’t want to concern yourself about your temporary housing. That’s why everything we do and everything we provide is focused on your comfort, convenience and flexibility.

What is the difference between a corporate apartment and a hotel?
500 sq. feet versus 1200 sq. feet. There is still a great difference in the size of the apartment versus a hotel room, or even an extended stay hotel. In addition, the corporate apartment provides a full kitchen and a residential living feeling. Most people truly enjoy the spaciousness of an apartment and the neighborhood environs of a luxury high-rise building. Surprisingly, the latest luxury high-rise buildings offer more amenities than a hotel.

What’s the difference between Manilow Suites and
other corporate housing companies?
So many things! Let me just give you a couple examples:

We make the suggestions as to which buildings may suit your needs and why. When calling our office, a member of our extraordinary staff will answer the phone. We always take the time to explain the best possible alternatives and the different neighborhoods. The other differences, our quality, amenities, responsiveness and what are most proud of, the value for our hard-earned dollar. We always say we are the Four Seasons of corporate housing with Marriott prices.

No one can come close to our expertise. Tell us what your ideal scenario would be.

Our Locations
In 35 years we have certainly learned a lot about what buildings best serve temporary housing. One property may be perfect for summer and horrible for the winter. Unlike other corporate housing companies that will take apartments anywhere and everywhere, Manilow Suites has been extremely selective. All of our downtown properties are on 12 month leases with our own furniture, furnishings, and housekeepers. We have chosen 12 buildings based on a series of criteria that meet the needs of our diverse clientele.

Who stays with Manilow Suites?
The largest percentage of people who stay in a Manilow suite are corporate employees. They range from CEOs, senior management, middle management, consultants and interns. We have worked with numerous companies or many years. In fact, I personally do not know of one company who has not come back because they were unhappy with Manilow Suites.

Our flexibility is the greatest asset for corporations. Many people relocating have no idea when they will close on their new home. We make it easy. Manilow Suites only has a five business day notice to vacate. In addition, should a guest suddenly have to leave prior to their 30-day stay, we switch over to a daily rate, which never exceeds the monthly rate.

We must also mention the wonderful people who come to visit their grandchildren in the summer as well as the numerous movie stars, theater performers, athletes, and individuals coming to tour our beautiful city.

Our staff is always available to answer questions and do whatever to assist our guests.

Throughout the years we have all been so privileged to meet many wonderful people from all over the world.

If you walk in the door and are not happy, what's our
cancellation policy?
We never want anyone to stay with us if they're not happy. The first thing we want to know is, what's wrong and can it be fixed immediately. If needed, we will move you to either another building or apartment. If all else fails and there is a genuine complaint, we will give the guest two free nights and they can leave without paying the balance of their 30 day stay. However, it is imperative that any problems are communicated to Manilow Suites within the first 24 hours of the guest’s arrival. The simple truth is, we care and we want everyone to be pleased with everything Manilow Suites provides.

Scenario: The guest is in an apartment for a few days. Something happens and they must leave immediately. To our knowledge we are the only company in Chicago that will exchange the monthly rate for the daily rate and charge the lesser of the two. An example would be someone occupying an apartment for 3 to 5 days. They would be charged the daily rate which would be far less than the monthly rate.

Flexibility to assist the client or guest applies to everything at Manilow Suites.

How many days notice to vacate?
Just give us a five business day notice to vacate. That's it! There are just a few exceptions to the rule.

What is the policy if you need to extend at the last minute?
We do everything possible to keep you in your apartment. On rare occasions, we move people to another apartment. We give our guests the option of having our own staff move their items, and we make it as convenient as possible.

AMLI at Naperville Corporate Housing Apartments

Or call 877.MANILOW NOW!

Manilow Suites offers far more than a furnished apartment. We have combined the comforts and conveniences of luxury apartments with many of the services and amenities of the finer hotels. We have strategically selected high-rise buildings that would best meet this objective.

We are not a virtual company. We have our own apartments, our own furniture, furnishings, and our own staff. We know the buildings and locations that will best serve your needs.
  • Flexible reservation terms
  • Our own high end furniture, linens, and housewares –
    not rental
  • Large flat screen TVs with expanded cable
  • The fastest secure wireless internet available
  • Weekly housekeeping with the same housekeeper
  • King and queen size beds
  • Local Manilow Suites staff available 24/7

  • *Selected apartments only

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