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Tribute to Van Cliburn

Tribute to Van Cliburn

During these past 53 years I have told countless people what an inspiration Van Cliburn has been to me. Oh, are you a pianist as well, was the usual response. They would be surprised when I said, no.

You see, over the years Van has inspired many people in all walks of life. I created an industry that had never existed before, in large part because of Van. I so wanted to be successful in his eyes.

Today, Manilow Suites has one of the finest reputations in our business. Each member of our team genuinely cares about the business and each and every one of our guests and clients. Things just dont happen .Something must come from something.

Where did the desire for constantly reaching in creating such a reputation and the thrill of the challenge come from?

Years ago, Van would talk to me about the love of never being satisfied. He once said to me, I know how I played and I know I can always do better. As a young man, Van was always so wise beyond his years. Little did I realize in my younger years how his words were going to affect my entire direction of everything I have done in my life.

We recently applauded the athletes at the Olympics. How many of them, even after receiving a gold medal were thrilled but not satisfied and want to go on to the next Olympics? Always striving, always wanting to do better. Everybody is gifted in different ways but how many settle for the status quo?

My Olympics is the world of business and Van showed me how exciting it is to strive to be better, no matter what odds come your way.

Of the many things I learned from Van Cliburn was the true meaning of Humility. Back stage I would see him time after time genuinely embarrassed from all the praise bestowed on him. The most amazing of all was in his presence he would make you feel that you were the most important person in the room. That is a rare gift.

In recent years I personally have received a number of awards and recognition for women in business. I must admit that it has been hard at times to have Vans humility. This is what I do about itJust before I walk into a room, I say to myself, Be like Van.

Wouldnt it be a wonderful world if all of us were more like Van Cliburn.

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Manilow Suites is proud and honored to be a Certified Women Owned Business and a member of the Women's Business Enterprise National Council.


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